Increase Visibility During Project Delivery

The right technology allows project teams to quickly and easily record and capture data, make observations, share and manage documents, punch lists, manage safety walks, track the progress on projects, and more. Customizable reports and dashboards make it easy to track what’s important to you — including everything from quality inspections completed to safety incident reporting.

  • Daily log
  • Mobilization log
  • Site inspection and worksheets
  • Progress checks and photos
  • Material receipts
  • Pour logs and quantity capture
  • Punch lists

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Field View screenshot - Increase Visibility During Project Delivery
Field View screenshot - Automate Quality Assurance and Control

Automate Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Managers can rely on Field View to control and monitor access to up-to-date quality standards. Easy to build forms can be used to create consistent processes that can easily be applied across projects. And you’ll never miss an inspection with built-in task scheduling. And Field View makes it easy to track defects from identification to resolution with built-in workflows and tasks.

  • Standards, procedures, and policy library
  • Site inspection and worksheets
  • Daily log
  • Non-conformance reporting
  • Punch lists
  • Progress reporting
  • Subcontractor quality checks
  • Inspection test plan/test log

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“We're able to just go out to the job site, pull up a drawing, being able to select a room from the set of drawings, and just putting a task to either a deficiency or punch-list item that goes straight to that room.”

Pat Vogel, Kinsley Construction

Make Safety Everyone's Job

Automate your safety processes, including site orientation, safety check lists and incident reporting, to make it easier for every member of your field team to comply. Data is collected real-time and is accurate, consistent, accessible and easily reportable.

  • Incident reports
  • Safety check lists
  • Site orientation and onboarding
  • High risk activity planning
  • Safety certification, permits, and vetting
  • Method statements and risk assessments (SWMS)

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Field View screenshot - Make Safety Everyone's Job
Field View screenshot - Streamline Closeout and Commissioning

Streamline Closeout and Commissioning

Field View makes it easy to ensure the project is built to plan and specifications. Automate your inspection scheduling and use tasks to identify punch items on site using a mobile device. Easily assign and track punch list items through close out.

  • Final walkthroughs and inspections
  • Punch lists
  • Asset identification and log
  • Asset testing
  • System testing
  • Final acceptance
  • Owner project requirements

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