Project Management Features

Team presents a powerful core toolset for planning, coordinating, and exercising control over projects. With many more features in development, Team currently provides the following:

Screenshot of Viewpoint Team

Team RFIs

Avoid delays, confusion and rework. Team RFIs connects subcontractor and supplier questions and requests to the right person – even if that’s the owner or their representative. It all happens instantaneously, without manual entry, double handling, loss of information, or ball-in-court confusion.

Screenshot of Viewpoint Team RFIs feature

Team Submittals

Simplify the arduous submittal process with secure, web-based, and collaborative workflows for issuing, reviewing, and closing out submittals. It’s designed to keep your projects on schedule and ensure they’re constructed to plan and specification.

Screenshot of Viewpoint Team submittals feature

Team Documents

A single repository for organizing, sharing, securing and collaborating on project documents – of virtually any file type. Role based permissions grant or limit access and actions while a complete audit trail shows who did what and when.

Screenshot of Viewpoint Team documents feature