Project Management for Construction

Your organization’s next big construction project can be completed ahead of schedule and within budget with ViewpointOne—integrated construction project management software specifically built for you.

Why Is It So Hard For Construction Projects To Be Completed On Time and Budget?

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Limited Access to Real-Time Data

Often, project managers don’t have reliable access to internal and external employee tasks and deliverables—leaving them unable to effectively tell which deliverables are past due and over budget.

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Lack of Communication and Collaboration

Inconsistencies result from miscommunication between back-office systems and employees in the field. This leads to slow and unpredictable outcomes and delays in construction project management deliverables.

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Manual and Outdated Processes

Often, construction project managers are relying on spreadsheets that need to be manually updated—this causes errors, duplication and slows down processes. Ultimately, making it hard for a construction project to stay on target.

Your Next Big Construction Project: A Big Success

You can stay on target, improve communication and gain access to project information in real-time with Viewpoint construction project management software.

Complete Projects On Time and Within Budget

Access project status and health by seeing deliverables in real-time. Immediately know whether or not a project is on track or behind by easily viewing submittals, RFIs and potential issues in progress.

Breakdown Communication Walls

Project management for construction should have consistent processes with specific dashboards that can be viewed by members of a project's team. Every team member is using one system to collaborate. Everyone can see items that are overdue, coming up, reminders and interact with one another.

Remove Time Consuming Processes

Securely organize, share and collaborate on project documents in the office or a remote location. No more wasting time trying to find documents—all pertinent project information can be found in one place.

You’ll Love ViewpointOne Integrated Construction Project Management Software

ERP software built specifically for issues facing construction organizations today.

All-in-one Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better project management.

Construction Project Management Software for Your Entire Team

Viewpoint Team™ is an ERP construction project management software built to boost construction collaboration, connecting the back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners. This gives the ability to manage projects in a short amount of time with minimal risk and increased confidence.

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