Benefits of ProContractor

Move seamlessly from bid to accounting to project management, with improved control and visibility throughout your office, team, and field.

Increase bid accuracy and manage more bids in less time.

Maximize profitability and increase operational efficiency through a clean, organized, efficient cloud-based software solution.

Real-time Reporting for Complete Accuracy

Instant reporting from the field to the office leaves less room for error.

Keep Track of Your Bottom Line

A robust change management tool keeps you on top of moving targets to help maximize profit.

Document Management for Everyone

A comprehensive, understandable, and accessible document management system.

Timecard Transparency

Electronic timecard data feeds directly to payroll.

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Best Practices: Change Orders

5 Steps to Developing a Proactive Change Order Management Strategy

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Eliminating Inefficiencies in Your Construction Business

Improve Productivity and Profitability with Construction Accounting Software

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“Our company has experienced significant growth in both our people and project size over the last five years and we expect this growth to continue. Prior to Viewpoint, we employed several different software programs to support our day-to-day operations. It was our goal to implement one solution to improve overall efficiency and to streamline processes across the company.”

Christopher Elder, Owner, Elder Construction