Viewpoint Software Integration Partner Program

Viewpoint has strong integration partners because we know that in today's software development world, everyone benefits when you work together. We thoughtfully select partner products that seamlessly complement Vista™ by Viewpoint and can minimize inefficiencies across different areas of your construction business. Our software is unquestionably strong on its own and even stronger as part of an integrated solution.

Find a solution tailored to your needs and learn more about how Viewpoint Software Integration Partners are ready to help you - tap on the button below to see a list of partners.


Aatrix Software
Category: Tax, Employment, and Payroll Compliance
State: ND
(800) 426-0854

Located in Grand Forks, ND, Aatrix Software has been developing innovative accounting software solutions since 1986. Originally founded to develop Macintosh accounting and payroll applications, Aatrix's Electronic Forms Division has established itself as a leader in payroll tax forms, providing Electronic Payroll Reports and eFiling (Windows and Macintosh) to accounting software. Aatrix's finance software has received numerous awards, including Software Digests highest overall rating and Home Office Computing Editors Pick.

Ryan Hagen
VP of Sales

About Time Technologies, LLC
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: UT
(801) 465-8181

AboutTime Technologies has been a leader in on-premise mobile resource management with AboutTime Enterprise Suite to optimize labor, assets, and forms for the last 13 years. In addition to the on-premise suite offering, AboutTime Technologies now offers WorkMax, an entirely new cloud-based platform available as a suite or as individual solutions for resource management. The WorkMax individual solutions include FORMS, TIME, ASSETS, SERVICE and INSIGHT. WorkMax’s modern cloud-based resource management provides instant, accurate answers by connecting teams for labor, assets, forms, service scheduling and dispatch with real-time business intelligence for any size business in any industry.

Mike Merrill
Chief Operations Officer

ADP: Added Value Services
Category: Tax, Employment, and Payroll Compliance
State: CA
(408) 761-4464

ADP SmartCompliance℠ is a cloud-based platform of outsourced services that works with Vista Software to help maintain compliance, mitigate risk, improve efficiencies and drive growth. The services include health care, employment verification, unemployment claims, W2 management and wage garnishments. In addition, its integrated capabilities with Vista can handle employment tax and wage payments with information that is organized in one place to be concise and actionable.

Kathy Schrieffer
Sr. Director, Partner Enablement

Anterra Technology
Category: Reporting and Analytics
State: TX
(832) 342-1575

Anterra provides enterprise quality construction and financial reporting at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise reporting systems. We deliver drill through dashboards, scorecards, automated financial consolidations and ad hoc inquires so you can quickly see where you are performing outside your plan. Our cloud based reporting system can be accessed from your computer or iPad which provides you the mobility you need.

Paul Throldahl

Austin Lane Technologies, Inc
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: TX
(940) 323-9801

ALMobile is the only project management mobile application that offers real-time data sharing with anyone in your organization, on any device, at any time. From instantly sharing work order changes to entering timesheets from the field, ALMobile gives your employees the power to be as productive as possible.

Austin Beaty

Category: Payment Management
State: NC
(800) 560-9305

AvidXchange enables companies to gain power over their payables with a complete AP and payment solution that facilitates an automated accounts payable process from invoice receipt through vendor payment. Serving more than 4,500 clients throughout North America, AvidXchange is an industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for midmarket companies spanning multiple industries, including construction. AvidXchange’s payment solution, AvidPay, is a full-service payment offering that enables Vista and ProContractor customers to make payments using the same process that they do today, but rather than selecting payments to print they can select them to be paid with AvidPay. Once a client selects the payments to be made through AvidPay, then their work is done.

Haley Martin
Marketing Manager

B2W Software Inc.
Category: Estimating
State: NH
(800) 336-3808

B2W Software's suite of enterprise-class solutions synergistically combine the estimating and bidding process with real-time tracking and management of data in the field, allowing you to achieve higher success rates in the bids you submit, increased profitability in the jobs you win and greater control over your entire business.

Richard Humphrey
VP of Marketing

Benchmark Estimating Software
Category: Estimating
State: NSW
(800) 469-9405

Benchmark Estimating Software offers estimators and project managers a powerful estimating and bidding solution that is very easy to use. Integration with leading takeoff systems and construction solutions means the software can integrate seamlessly into your business. Suitable for many industries especially asphalt, civil, government, mining and utilities, Benchmark Estimating Software is backed by enterprise grade technology and a range of client services including technical support, training, implementation and software customizations.

Claudia Hartl
Marketing Manager

Category: CRM
State: TX
(800) 505-7089

Cosential is a powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation, and proposal automation system designed specifically for Construction firms. This cloud-based solution helps you manage an unlimited amount of information about companies, contacts, opportunities, projects, personnel, tasks, and firm knowledge throughout a project's entire life cycle. Cosential enables you to import and score leads from third party lead sources, publish dynamic proposals, generate complex reports, execute marketing campaigns, and integrate with Viewpoint Construction Software to measure and forecast firm-wide sales and marketing performance.

Dan Cornish
CEO & Founder

Cranel Imaging
Category: Document and Forms Management
State: OH
(678) 787-8582

As leaders in the ECM industry, Cranel Imaging and its service arm, Versitec, work to enhance VAR business by complementing each reseller’s specific focus with the best-of-breed technologies and related services. Cranel Imaging and Versitec bring the value add of more than 25 years of experience to Viewpoint Construction Software customers by providing service expertise with document imaging hardware and maintenance agreements. Able to meet virtually any ECM, duplication, storage and service need, Cranel Imaging and Versitec help customers succeed and prosper by providing innovative ideas, expert customer support and viable, competitive business solutions.

Jim Clarke

Data-Maxx Technologies, Inc
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: FL
(888) 995-0184

Data-Maxx provides the mobile or stationary tools required to track your time and attendance, jobs, extras, cost codes, production units, equipment, inventory, materials, and more. Clients can collect and transmit data in using cell phones, handheld bar code scanners, biometric devices, PC-based solutions and more. Collected data is reviewed and exported directly into your Vista Software, eliminating paper work, and enhancing productivity.

Jeannie Brantley
President / AP

Category: Specialty Software
State: CA
(415) 299-9463

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones, and is making the power of aerial data accessible and productive for everyone.

Trusted by leading brands globally, DroneDeploy is transforming the way businesses leverage drones and aerial data across industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, inspection and surveying. Simple by design, DroneDeploy enables professional-grade imagery and analysis, 3D modeling and more from any drone on any device.

DroneDeploy is located in the heart of San Francisco.

Wade Tibke
Director of Marketing

Earthwave Technologies, Inc.
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: IN
(317) 218-6102

Fleetwatcher is a unique Wireless Asset Tracking system, developed over the past 10 years with an exclusive focus on the heavy equipment contractor. "Co-authored" by Earthwave and our customers, Fleetwatcher helps solve problems relative to tracking the activity, usage, productivity and ultimately the costs of your remote and mobile assets.

Larry Baker
CEO/VP Sales

Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS)
Category: Payment Management
State: TN
(877) 490-4188

Electronic Funds Source LLC (EFS) is a leader of innovative and customized corporate payment solutions helping construction companies increase efficiencies and improve bottom line performance by providing superior purchasing and financial controls. EFS’ portfolio of solutions leverage the MasterCard® Payment Network and include a suite of corporate and private-label purchasing cards; virtual cards; back-office A/P and expense management solutions; and intelligent, real-time analytics to make payments smarter. EFS’ integrated approach provides the unique ability to manage and control purchases through a centralized user interface.

EFS has partnered with Viewpoint to offer construction companies and contractors a unique, integrated payments approach enabling companies to automate payment delivery, simplify compliance, streamline expense management and improve overall operating efficiencies.

Jon Wandrei
Construction Corporate Payments

eMars Inc.
Category: Tax, Employment, and Payroll Compliance
State: AZ
(480) 595-0466

eMars is a leading service provider focusing on satisfying the certified payroll requirements specified by the Davis Bacon and Related Acts. eMars supports government agencies, prime contractors and all subcontractors. The over 15,000 users identify eMars as the most user friendly and intuitive system in the industry. Simple linking with Viewpoint and simplified satisfaction of AASHTO requirements makes eMars the most attractive solution available in today’s market.

Woodrow Chamberlain

Estimating Edge
Category: Estimating
State: FL
(561) 276-9100

The Estimating Edge is the leading provider of estimating software for the construction industry. We have helped companies win over $50 billion in projects through increased accuracy and greater efficiency. Our total focus is on providing our customers with the highest quality software, most complete training, and most responsive support in the business.

Karen Kowalski
Marketing Manager

eSUB Construction Software
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: CA
(1800) 493-3782

eSUB® was founded on the principle that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to project management software in construction. eSUB provides a cloud-based project management, timecard management, corporate management and bid tracking application for commercial subcontractors.

Benny Baltsotsky

Event 1 Software
Category: Reporting and Analytics
State: WA
(360) 567-3750

Making informed business decisions requires a great reporting tool. Interactive financial reporting, progress reporting, cost analysis, dash boards are at your fingertips with Liberty Reports. Using Excel and Liberty Reports, easily connect to data in your Vista database and then create or run robust interactive reports directly from within Microsoft Excel that incorporate live data, drill-down, interactive worksheets, and more.

Event 1 Software is an award-winning developer of Microsoft Excel-based reporting solutions that are focused on ease-of-use for the end user and has served the construction and real estate market since 1998.

James Coyle
VP – Business Development

Category: Mobile Field Service
State: CA
(949) 428-1540

FieldConnect workforce mobility solutions enable real-time streamlining of data between field technicians, customers, and the back office. Key features include mobile work order generation and approval, electronic inspection and lead forms, time & payroll integration, site & equipment tracking and history, dynamic calendaring, and inventory management.

Dan Oriza
National Director of Sales
Category: Payment Management
State: VA
(877) 447-2584

Founded in 2002, is the leading Internet-based subcontract management platform for Invoicing, Compliance and Lien Waivers. A Viewpoint Development Partner since 2011, is compatible with any computer, tablet or mobile device, allowing both office and field employees to increase efficiency while reducing costs in the management of their subcontracts.’s integration with Vista provides real-time data exchange relating to Subcontracts, Schedules of Values, Change Orders, and Applications for Payment, Compliance Documentation and Custom Lien Waivers. used by a Vista GC client was awarded Viewpoint’s 2015 Rock Solid Technology Award for Best Third Party Integration with Vista.

Mark Murphy
Sales and Marketing

Global Software, Inc
Category: Reporting and Analytics
State: NC
(919) 872-7800

Spreadsheet Server is the preferred financial reporting solution for Vista by Viewpoint. Spreadsheet Server enables users to gain live access to Vista data within Excel for secure financial and operational reporting, budgeting and automated report delivery.

Category: Estimating
State: TX
(800) 683-3196

HCSS brings hi-tech software to the heavy/highway construction industry like no one else. We help you win the bid, then assist you in the field. We track your resources, and ease your equipment maintenance.

John Davis

Keystyle Data
Category: Specialty Software
State: CA
(626) 786-9143

Keystyle Data Solutions provides a suite of targeted Vista-integrated web tools to further leverage your investment in Viewpoint Software. Our AP Invoice Review Portal allows controllers, auditors, and accountants the ability to input a check range and instantly view the associated invoice & check images, vendor details, and reviewer history. Our Employee Information Portal provides a secure and customizable interface for your employees to log in to view their paystubs, EFTs, W-2s, and to update their personal information. In addition to these tools, we can work with your specific needs to design a tool that maximizes the value of existing data in your organization.

Kevin Fisher

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Inc
Category: Document and Forms Management
State: CA
(201) 825-4000

Konica Minolta Enterprise Content Management (ECM) guides its Kofax customers to the best solution for digital transformation – starting with capture and analytics to ensure content is stored, reviewed and accessible. From capture, our solutions distribute documents in any form, automate routing, maintain compliance, preserve records and more -- to speed the flow of information, enhance security, control costs and make all essential document processes more productive. From automating accounts payable processes to digital storage of records to cloud and mobile solutions, we enable organizations to improve efficiency and accelerate their workflows.

Matt DeBenedetti
Sr. ECM Solutions Consultant

Category: Tax, Employment, and Payroll Compliance
State: CA
(714) 418-5605

LCPtracker, Inc. is a leading software service provider specializing in construction site compliance related software. The main solution, LCPtracker Pro, is a powerful web-based software for collecting, verifying and managing certified payrolls and other labor compliance related documents. Over 300 government agencies and over 80,000 contractors have used LCPtracker for their certified payroll reporting.

Jeff Douglas
Senior Account Representative

Material Management
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: TX
(800) 590-1300

Reduce Purchase Order Entry time into Vista Software with ORDER CONFIRMATION. Material Management's ORDER CONFIRMATION software is, quite simply, the fastest and easiest way to write purchase orders. We do this by using ORDER CONFIRMATION to link you with your suppliers. Receive your daily Orders electronically from your suppliers, approve them and they are imported into Vista. Benefit from reduced entry time and possibly a more accurate Job Cost by capturing all purchases as they occur not when you have time to enter them. This product is designed for Electrical and Mechanical sub-contractors and any contractor that purchases a large number of items from a limited number of vendors.

Extend the savings by adding INVOICE CONFIRMATION. Receive the invoice electronically from your Vendors then watch as your computer automatically matches the items on the invoice to the purchase order. When you accept the invoice it is imported into Vista as if you had entered it by hand. There is only one difference; you do not have a massive trail of paper to make it happen.

Richard Carney

MJobTime Corporation
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: TX
(800) 387-1109

mJobTime seamlessly integrates with Vista to save construction companies time and money. Gather employee time, equipment time, daily logs, expenses and production information from the field on a wide variety of mobile devices. This data can be synched to the office in seconds at any time. Approve the data and upload to Vista without re-entering it. mJobTime allows you to manage jobs, labor costs and budgets in real time, reducing errors and providing greater efficiency for your staff. Discover why mJobTime is the best kept secret in construction software.

Richard Daniels
Vice President

MSI Data
Category: Mobile Field Service
State: WI
(262) 518-7028

MSI Data helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field workforce with native, cross-platform mobile applications for field service and inspection. Service Pro@Mobile helps service technicians be more productive in the field by automating mobile work order management, including time, parts, assets, tasks, segments, inspections, meter readings, signatures, photos and more. Service Pro@Mobile helps service technicians be more productive in the field by automating mobile work order management, including trips, labor time, punch clock, parts, assets, tasks, scopes, inspections, field forms, purchase orders, time cards, meter readings, signatures, photos and more.

Ray Thomas
Vice President of Sales

Category: Payment Management
State: OR
(877) 626-6332

Nvoicepay is dedicated to improving the AP process by optimizing payments to vendors out of Vista, and generating new sources of revenue for customers. Working together Nvoicepay and Vista will transform how construction companies manage accounts payable by reducing the process to a single step, optimizing payments for quick savings, and even adding the potential for additional revenue through rebates.

Byron Biggins
VP of Business Development

Paperless Environments, LLC
Category: Document and Forms Management
State: LA
(225) 218-4768

Specializing in the construction industry, Paperless Environments utilizes custom-built technology that integrates electronic versions of paper documents and other digital information with your existing business applications and infrastructure. We ultimately create paperless solutions specific to the construction industry, which enable clients to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

Seth Dawson
Paperless Environments-3rd Pty
Category: Payment Management
State: OR
503-590-7844 is a purpose built “Software as a Service” solution designed to make the process of contract administration more efficient, saving users time, money and reducing risk. It works by allowing contract parties to collaborate online on a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations and email trails. has been designed to meet the specific needs of the global construction industry, administer payment claims online, in seconds, over the web. Prepare, Submit. Assess, Certify. Job Done.

Trudi Fenster
Executive VP - North America

POSDATA Group, Inc.
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: WA
(800) 852-3282

PowerTrack ® from Compsee eliminates many of the headaches associated with daily reports. Using PDAs or laptops, supervisors easily record employee time, equipment usage, production quantities, material consumed, safety incidents, attendance and much more. With PowerTrack, you gain better visibility of jobs, reduce errors and eliminate redundant data entry.

Erik Kennedy
Manager - Software Solutions

Mike Kapp
Senior Vice President, Marketing And Technical Services

ProEst Estimating
Category: Estimating
State: CA
(800) 255-7407

Since 1976, ProEst has been helping contractors accurately calculate the cost of any size project – quickly and easily. Our innovative construction estimating software is built using the latest Microsoft technology, including a SQL database and .NET development platform. ProEst combines cost estimating, digital takeoffs and robust reporting with advanced integration tools to increase efficiencies and improve profits. ProEst also includes a flexible, industry-specific materials database with pre-built items and assemblies that lets estimators hit the ground running. Discover why more than 8,000 construction firms use ProEst.

Jeffrey Gerardi

Category: Document and Forms Management
State: IL
(312) 332-9200 x225

REQUORDIT Inc. provides a suite of industry leading enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for general contractors, heavy highway and other construction firms. These solutions are deigned to create efficiency and drive profits while reducing human error. REQUORDIT Inc. solutions are customized based on your business rules, processes and applications. We help our clients overcome the challenges of managing all their information, from departmental to enterprise, keeping all company information, construction documents and drawings in one place.

Joe Brogni
Construction Vertical Manager

Rithm Solutions Group, LLC
Category: Reporting and Analytics
State: LA
(512) 599-8309

RITHM is a software management company that provides efficiency tools for every angle of the construction industry. RITHM offers Business Intelligence that integrates with Vista using a set of sample dashboards and management reports that are embedded inside of a Vista Work Center and are developed to meet your unique business needs.

Jeremy Ducote

Category: Specialty Software
State: MO
(805) 610-3699

Ryvit provides integration solutions for the Construction Industry. In addition to the pre-built integrations we provide through our community of software vendors, we can also develop a new integration to meet your needs. We are not an ETL or SDK, we do all the heavy lifting for you. Viewpoint customers work directly with us to integrate all of their applications without costly development fees. Ryvit alleviates the burden of software integration development and maintenance, so you can focus on what you do best.

Are you looking to eliminate error-prone double entry, and improve workflow efficiency? Do you want to increase data accuracy for more confident decision making? Contact us to learn more. We will share how we are helping other construction companies like yours with Ryvit’s intelligent integration.

Tom Stemm
Chief Executive Officer

SelectView Data Solutions
Category: Reporting and Analytics
State: MO
(800) 931-8062

SelectView Data Solutions customized Web Portals eliminate the time and cost of sending paper or spreadsheets from the field to your back office. SubSelect allows you to identify and rate subcontractors from your historic data. Our Payroll Exporter for AASHTOWare® removes the manual work involved in converting Vista™ data to XML. Our platform permits rapid development of solutions for the way you do business.

We also help Vista customers improve performance through custom reports, Vista customization, and automation.

Bill Wagnon

Teletrac Navman
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: IL
(866) 527-9896

Teletrac Navman, the combined company formed by Teletrac Inc. and Navman Wireless offers GPS-based fleet optimization products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking, electronic logging, communications and analytics that enable companies to monitor, measure and improve operational costs and efficiencies. The company's technology currently tracks more than 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organizations on six continents, making it one of the world's largest fleet management software solutions providers. The company, headquartered in Glenview, IL, has offices in the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Gregory Childers
Director, Global Integration

ToolWatch Corp.
Category: Field, Materials, Tools, and Equipment Tracking
State: CO
(800) 676-4034

ToolWatch Enterprise is the most comprehensive system available today for efficiently managing tools, equipment, materials and consumables across your company. Enterprise integrates with Vista™ by Viewpoint Software enabling field and project managers to streamline operations, maintain resources, and keep jobsites running on schedule and on budget, all while storing critical information in one centralized database. The result is reduced tool costs, automated management of materials, more accurate equipment service management, and more accurate job costs and billing.

Kolby Lathrop
Regional Sales Manager

TTR, Inc.
Category: Tax, Employment, and Payroll Compliance
State: OR
(503) 583-2909

TTR is a website for tax and accounting professionals, specializing in tax answers and tax rates. TTR works with over 60% of the construction industry. Our construction industry clients tell us that “TTR has significantly more content,” and in many cases, “TTR has construction tax answers we can’t find anywhere else.” TTR asked its clients, “Why did you decide to subscribe to TTR’s tax website for the construction industry?” 98% of our clients said they subscribe to TTR because it “helps the bottom line” by saving a significant amount of time and reduces tax errors – which make both customers and state tax authorities very happy. Contact TTR today.

Jason Scott
Account Executive - Construction Industry

Viewpoint Business Forms - NDS
Category: Document and Forms Management
State: CA
(800) 570-3310

Viewpoint Business Forms is pleased to provide you and your organization with our specialized products and services. We are now offering you the opportunity to order your Vista printed checks and forms, and tax forms from our website.

Paige Hendrix

VPApps, LLC.
Category: Reporting and Analytics
State: WA
(425) 990-1611

We focus on integrated software solutions that provide additional feature sets within the Vista software using the User Database Module. Principal products include WIPAnalytics™ and SECURITYmanager™. Our product development road map includes both financial and operational areas, which reflect years of hands-on industry experience. Our company is affiliated with The Sutor Group, a network of construction specialists serving the industry for over 25 years.

Robert Sutor