Helping Owners and Operators Take Control of Capital Projects

Energy Sector

Viewpoint helps solve cross-organizational or geographically dispersed collaboration issues. A hosted solution which requires no costly IT infrastructure to manage, it is quickly deployed requiring only access to the internet. Our integrated collaboration software can be applied from the planning stage through commissioning - offering so much more than document control.

We work with some of the largest names in the sector delivering benefits which include:

  • Simplifying and automating the project process
  • Improving the flow of information
  • Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance
  • Reducing man-hours
  • Delivering a substantial return on investment
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Viewpoint helps hospitality owners, both in new capital projects and renovating existing assets. Our unique collaborative solution has been used worldwide on some of the most demanding construction projects. It is specifically designed to increase efficiency, deliver better communication among all stakeholders, and provide confidence that your project or process has been fully documented.

  • Improved administration, communication, and decision making
  • Increase adoption of best practices
  • Automate and control key management processes
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Public Sector

Viewpoint's unique collaborative solution is used worldwide on some of the most demanding government projects. unique stakeholders, requirements, and security measures in the public sector call for a collaboration solution that understands the special needs of government projects.

Our SaaS collaboration software solution is an ideal platform for the unique stakeholders, requirements, and security measures in local and central government departments. We help them work more effectively with internal departments and external supply chains. With no costly IT infrastructure to manage, our collaboration software solution is quickly deployed, requiring only access to the internet.

  • Manage capital assets effectively and efficiently
  • Collaborate securely with suppliers
  • Demonstrate compliance and maintain an audit trail
  • Streamline tendering and bidding processes
  • Streamline and automate administrative processes
  • Maintain a central, easy-to-access library of records
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Facility Managers

Facilities and Asset Managers are playing an increasingly important role in the success of capital portfolio development and management as well as assisting in the design and operation of new assets. With responsibility for the operation, repair and maintenance of existing built assets, Viewpoint provides Facility Managers the ability to monitor and manage project workflows including schedules and tasks.

Viewpoint's unique collaborative solution is designed to help save money, time and resource while delivering an improved management service. Experience complete confidence that all information for your recently built project or existing built asset is safe and a complete audit trail has been established.

  • Full asset data hub including standards and H&S library
  • Automate standard workflows and processes
  • Manage allocation of tasks, repairs and maintenance
  • Create, manage and monitor schedules
  • Geotag your assets for a visual view of key asset data
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Solutions for Owners and Operators

Your project teams can avoid missed deadlines using Viewpoint For Projects to more efficiently manage and track projects.

Rely on the tablet-based Viewpoint Field View to shorten time spent recording data and managing paperwork, communicate faster with your supply chain, avoid errors via web communication, and preserve the integrity of your projects with quality assurance.