With Viewpoint For Projects, you can experience Collaborative Project Management for improved communications, workflow, mobility, and decision-making.

Not only can you automate and better control processes, you gain mobile and BIM capabilities to complete projects faster and more efficiently while connective field teams with project information wherever they are. The right software for exceeding project profitability, delivery, and quality expectations, Viewpoint For Projects is simple and easy to use, quick to deploy, and can deliver tangible returns on your technology investment.

Viewpoint For Projects

Construction businesses in the building, energy, and infrastructure sectors find Viewpoint For Projects to be an ideal fit. That’s because all team members — owner, architect, construction manager, engineers, and subcontractors — can use the collaborative project management solution to achieve streamlined processes and clear communication, while reducing risk and gaining efficiencies.

Designed to connect people, information, and processes, Viewpoint For Projects helps you avoid missed deadlines; make sure projects are delivered on time with a keen eye on budget; improve control and workflow of documents; and effectively manage the process to view, revise, route, and audit design files, drawings, and other documents.

Built on a Common Data Environment, Viewpoint For Projects includes capabilities for Document Control, Project Communications, BIM Manager, and Field View for a powerful level of collaboration and mobility.

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