Viewpoint for Projects is the perfect collaboration solution for clients, providing peace-of-mind that things are progressing as planned throughout the project lifecycle.

Complete Collaboration

From selecting the right contractors to procurement to managing and versioning of project documents and drawings, Viewpoint for Projects gives client/owners complete visibility and control, as well as an audit trail of team member interactions throughout the full project life-cycle.

Streamlining Closeout and Handover

Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy for clients to manage the handover of documents once the project is complete. You control the repository and structure of documents at all times, providing peace of mind that projects are completed to plan, all involved parties are informed and that all necessary documentation is in place.

Simplifying Standards Management

Managing compliance with construction standards like BIM can be a full-time job. Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy for clients. You maintain all of the models and revisions, as well as the record of approvals and interactions.

Public Sector

The public sector has specific collaboration needs when it comes to complex government projects. Unique stakeholders, requirements and security measures call for a collaboration solution that understands these special needs. Viewpoint for Projects provides the only security accredited (CESG) SAAS web collaboration solution in the UK, and an ideal platform for local and central government departments to manage and deliver projects, programmes or an entire department's activity including BIM & IPD.

Private Sector

Whether a single project or an entire portfolio involving thousands of individuals, Viewpoint for Projects is designed to streamline collaboration and project control for private sector owners, operators and facility managers. Save money, time and resources whilst delivering better communication among all stakeholders throughout the project life-cycle. Experience complete confidence that all information for projects and processes is safe and has been fully documented.

Energy Sector

Viewpoint for Projects is a simple solution to problems associated with cross-organisational or geographically dispersed collaboration – a must for contractors working in the energy sector. Viewpoint works with some of the energy sector’s largest names to simplify their project processes, improve collaboration, mitigate risks, increase productivity and improve productivity.