Viewpoint Team: Project Management for Construction Organisations

Improve project communications and the management of documents and approved drawings for more efficient and profitable projects.

Viewpoint Team™

Keep Your Entire Team In The Know

A cloud-based construction collaboration platform that brings your organisation and your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners together. Easily manage communications, documents and Approved for Construction (AFC) drawings in a single solution.


Viewpoint Team synchronises data and workflows for the office, team and field to form a powerful, cloud-based comprehensive software solution.

Project Communications

Improve project communication flow between the office, field and extended project team of designers, suppliers and more. Pre-configured project management for easy set-up, faster workflow and less risk.

  • Technical Queries
  • Technical Submittals
  • Issues
  • Variations
  • Daily Diaries

Document Management

A central repository to store, access and share files from anywhere, anytime. Replace network drives and generic cloud storage with document management designed for contractors that includes:

  • History
  • Versioning
  • Custom folders
  • Security
  • Mark-up & Correspondence
  • Virtually any file type

Approved Drawings

Ensure those in the field are always accessing the very latest approved drawing revision from a single location. Drawings can be viewed on a mobile device and markup from the field, even where there’s no internet connection.

Data & Insights

Real-time and personalised dashboards that prioritise tasks and communicate urgency.

Project Closeout

Quickly export project documents and associated information for easy handover to the client, or archiving on your corporate network.