BIM Manager

Streamline your BIM modeling management from a single source to ensure projects are completed faster and more efficiently.

BIM Manger in VFP

BIM Collaboration Management Made Easy

This browser-based solution enables project teams to easily access, edit, and revise models, providing a complete picture of the project. Gain confidence by working from a single source for all model information, enabling teams to complete projects faster and more efficiently, from project inception to decommissioning.


Simple to use, easy to share, BIM Manager keeps your BIM processes on track.

Flexible workflow engine

Guide models through review and approval. Track ball-in-court and make sure the right people are reviewing, revising and approving the most up to date version. Security and permission settings control access and limit actions.

View and mark up models without native software

Any project team member can view and mark up 3D models in a browser on iPad or Android tablet devices. Assign to tasks to drive the review and approval process. 

Version control while preserving all model revisions

While always defaulting to the most recent model version, all previous versions remain accessible. Communications and interactions that accumulated during the model’s review and approval are searchable and auditable back to author and source.

Real-time dashboards and reporting

Keep projects on track. Personalised metrics surface ball-in-court items to team members so that actions aren’t missed and projects stay on track.

Clash resolution

Merge mechanical, structural and other models to interrogate the federated components. If a clash is identified, assign responsibility, set the revised model submission due date and track to close.