By the numbers, Viewpoint software is the leading choice for UK construction contractors

User Accounts: 704,000
Organisations: 75,000
Projects: 80,800
Items Managed: 94,000,000
Data managed: 152 Tb

Viewpoint Team Launches in United Kingdom

Cloud-based, collaborative and integrated. Viewpoint Team project management software is the tool that transforms how jobs get done.

Digital Construction Roadshow Series 2018

The Digital Construction Roadshow is series of interactive, educational, and intimate networking events covering key technology trends and the challenges around digital adoption in the construction industry.

Viewpoint Joins Forces with Trimble

The pace of Office, Team and Field delivery just went into overdrive.

Construction Software Solutions for your Entire Organisation




Simplified Roles for Every Job

Project Management for Construction

Single database management solutions provide unparalleled visibility into the life cycle of your projects. Integrated with accounting and built for collaboration, Viewpoint solutions work for any sized contractor.

  • Automate tasks for speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive and customisable interface
  • Integrated for streamlined business processes

Document/Design Collaboration

Documents are the core of any construction project. From simple storage of drawings, documents, and photos to highly-configurable controls that also manage information, people and process.

  • Limit and control access to information
  • Preserve all document revisions and versions
  • View and mark up without native software
  • Flexible workflow engine

Field Productivity

The jobsite is where it all comes together. Or where it can all fall apart. With lots of teams member performing multiple processes, it’s important to gain the real-time visibility into the status of a project. Digitising daily logs, snagging, site inspections and other site processes lets your team resolve issues sooner — before they set your project back.

  • Digitise your pen and paper processes
  • Real-time visibility and progress/performance monitoring
  • Automated and consistent field processes
  • Operations dashboards and configurable reporting
  • Analyse data from all jobsite processes across projects