Viewpoint ePayments

Viewpoint ePayments, powered by Nvoicepay, transforms how construction companies manage accounts payable by reducing the process to a single step, optimizing payments for quick savings and even adding the potential for additional revenue through credit card rebate programs.

Viewpoint ePayments

One-Step Accounts Payable Processing

Viewpoint ePayments is a fully-integrated Vista solution that saves time, money and headache by consolidating disconnected payment processes and pushing payment approvals to the cloud.


Take back your time. Simplify, optimize and save money over old processes.

Simplified AP Payment Processes

Viewpoint ePayments offers Vista customers a single workflow for all supplier payments that is seamlessly integrated with the ERP, enabling you to increase efficiency while reducing errors. Suppliers can be paid electronically via card, ACH/EFT and print check in a single click.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Eliminate low-value tasks like printing/mailing paper checks, updating supplier data in Vista, resolving payment errors and answering supplier payment questions.

Superior Supplier Experience

Suppliers get a range of payment options with detailed remittances. Provide a dedicated supplier portal for visibility into payment status as well as payment history, enabling self-service. And a supplier-facing support team is available to address questions and payment issues.