How Leander Construction Transformed their Project Management

Using Viewpoint Team


The coordination of project teams and construction processes imposed a heavy administrative burden on Leander’s project managers. Keeping track of Submittals, RFI correspondence and documents required manual data entry and double handling which created risk of error and delay. In addition, collaboration between the extended project team of owners, engineers, and subcontractors was hindered by a lack of visibility. Without the ability to ‘self-serve’, extra layers of communication were needed to issue tasks, alert to looming deadlines and keep project team members aligned.

“Viewpoint Team project management software helps us manage a large amount of work in a small amount of time.”

Bobby Asbury, Project Manager


Leander sought to replace manual processes, a non-construction cloud storage solution, and email as the medium of document exchange, with collaborative project management software. An evaluation of competing software was undertaken. Viewpoint Team was selected for its ease-of-use, project management roadmap and its direct integration with Vista, Viewpoint’s accounting ERP.

Viewpoint Team automated and streamlined project management. Where Leander used to key data into a Submittals register and had to manually update each Submittals’ state as it moved through the workflow, subcontractors and suppliers can now log in from the internet and see all project tasks assigned to them. Once inside, they can add the required information and advance the workflow themselves.

Email, except in the case of alert notifications, has been confined to a bare minimum. The project management team previously played middleman, trading emailed RFIs between upstream and downstream partners, and were forced to send hundreds of emails to alert team members of tasks both new and overdue. Today, Viewpoint Team has transformed Leander’s communication and collaboration processes, delivering speed and complete visibility into ball-in-court.

Out-of-the-box integration between Viewpoint Team and Vista had an immediate impact on duplication. Construction projects consist of large teams and the management of contact details can be onerous. Within Viewpoint Team, Leander can access the contacts entered into Vista over many years and need only to maintain a single list of contacts.

“We’ll get submittals registered out ahead of time so when vendors and subs are invited, it’s 80 to 90% set-up and ready to go. RFIs used to come in on email. Now we just issue a related RFI to the engineer. It’s very effective.”

Bobby Asbury, Project Manager


Every construction professional knows that time is the enemy. By introducing integrated and collaborative project management software, time savings were realised by sharing the burden of administration with suppliers and subcontractors.

Project set-up is also expedited with the ability to copy folder structures from existing, to new projects with the click of a button. Custom folder structures house all project documents, including meeting minutes, subcontractor payoff schedules, permits, contracts, and progress photos.

Leander saw reductions in risk along with improved auditability. The chronological sorting of tasks sees time-sensitive activities, such as the requisition of long leadtime heavy equipment, prioritised. By automatically tracking all activity and actions taken, a complete and auditable history eliminates excuses like “I didn’t get the email.”

Visibility and transparency has been upgraded. The weekly distribution of a register log email has been replaced with real-time data. Submittals can be set to “public” making them visible to all, so that owners and their representative can view the register and drill down to an individual submittal’s details to read comments, view attachments, and see ball-in-court. Visibility can also is configurable however as security settings limit access to project data. The related RFI feature creates a firewall between the engineer and subcontractor so that communication between parties is controlled by the project team.

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