Gain visibility and control of your large-scale energy projects like you never dreamed possible. Increase collaboration, reduce risk, and improve your ROI.


Energy sector projects bridge multiple stakeholders across municipalities and time zones. We help you bring it all back into the office for one version of the truth.


Far-flung collaboration has never been easier. Keep all team members up to date, armed with accurate, up-to-date information and documents.


Intuitive, customisable and standardised site management solutions give every team member the right tool for the job.
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Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

Stay compliant in one of most heavily regulated industries and keep your projects on target while avoiding costly fines.

ViewpointOne for the Team

Simplify Project Communication

Viewpoint helps solve cross-organisational or geographically dispersed collaboration issues, providing all essential parties with the information they need.

Viewpoint Project Management Tools

Improving the flow of information

A hosted solution which requires no costly IT infrastructure to manage, it is quickly deployed requiring only access to the internet.