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  • September 10, 2018
    Construction management software provider Viewpoint debuted earlier this month ViewpointOne, a cloud-based platform that aims to eliminate the traditional silos that exist between project management, human resources and financial controls.
  • August 29, 2018
    In an industry often characterized by hard hats and heavy equipment, information technology (IT) has recently taken center stage in construction.
  • August 29, 2018
    From drones and wearable devices to BIM modeling, robotics for design and prefabricated building, it’s clear that the construction industry is no longer content in the shadows as a slow adopter of new technology. Now, as advanced cloud computing infiltrates nearly every aspect of daily life (e.g., Amazon and Netflix), contractors are realizing the potential of web-based software to streamline and simplify processes across their entire operations—from the back office to the field and beyond.
  • August 17, 2018
    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, design-build contractor Western Allied Mechanical, Inc. has been using Viewpoint software for over a decade. As a result, it has streamlined project management and processes—for example, cutting RFI response time from days to minutes.
  • August 9, 2018
    With the size and scope of today’s modern construction projects and the need for real-time project data to keep pace with demands, the traditional ways of running construction firms and managing projects are no longer feasible. Traditional, of course, meaning departmental silos within the construction organization, each with disparate software programs and data; manual and paper-heavy processes that are cumbersome and vulnerable to errors or lost data; and email, FTP sites, phone calls and the burden of in-person meetings as the vehicles for sharing information and project collaboration.
  • June 25, 2018
    Keystyle's easy-to-use browser interfaces extend Viewpoint construction management software to a contractors’ employees, project managers and jobsite superintendents
  • June 12, 2018
    Trimble says the purchase of the Portland, Oregon-based firm will complement its e-Builder business and extend its ability to “provide more complete and integrated project, jobsite and business workflows across the construction lifecycle.”
  • May 29, 2018
    Viewpoint is warning engineering and construction contractors that they must digitise or face the death of their business.
  • May 29, 2018
    The stark message came as the software giant launched its Viewpoint Team project management package in the UK.
  • May 18, 2018
    Viewpoint’s Leading-Edge Technology Solutions Connect the Office, Team and Field for Real-Time Collaboration and Decision Making