It’s impossible to know what issues hover on the horizon — but you can stay ahead of potential problems by gaining an “upfront advantage” with powerful, intuitive estimation software tools available for estimators working in general contracting, sitework/excavation, or specialty trades. Viewpoint offers tailored estimating solutions that present past job costs to inform your pending estimates so you can perform more bids in less time, with greater accuracy.

Benefits Include

  • Increased estimate accuracy
  • Reduced cost for estimate production
  • Improved profitability for the work you win
  • Faster takeoffs and bids
  • Less risk of incurring a loss on a project

Features Include

  • Integrated Digital Takeoff
  • Comprehensive material and labor databases
  • ERP Integration
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Advanced Image Manager
  • Professional looking proposals
  • Powerful reporting
  • Sophisticated measure and count tools

Select the product that is right for your business

Estimators working in General Construction, Specialty Trades, and Sitework/Excavating rely on Viewpoint For Estimating's easy-to-use software solutions to quickly and accurately takeoff, estimate, and bid projects for best profit.

As the industry's only all-in-one cloud software solution for estimating, project management, and accounting, ProContractor by Viewpoint helps you manage the entire project lifecycle from bid to project completion in a single solution.