Construction Equipment Management

Manage Equipment Assets and Costs for a Better Bottom Line

Inaccuracies in equipment cost tracking can result in crippling cost overruns. Managing cost and revenue on equipment is key to success in the competitive construction market and can have a profound impact on your bottom line. Discovering better ways to capture reliable operational data to use in managing equipment assets is more important than ever.

Don’t just track equipment costs – predict them, along with lifecycles – to optimize your equipment ROI.

Benefits include:

  • Maximize profit associated with your equipment
  • Minimize equipment maintenance and repair costs
  • Easily and accurately invoice customers for equipment usage
  • Quickly create multiple billing rates for equipment
  • Gain visibility into equipment profitability
  • Ensure important maintenance is done in a timely manner
  • Retain visibility of equipment location
  • Less data entry and fewer data entry errors with full integration to other modules

Features include:

  • Add equipment usage while entering employee timecards or enter separately
  • Location history reporting
  • Track of meter readings and dates for each piece
  • Reports of revenue vs. cost of ownership
  • Myriad reports
  • Flexible revenue rates for each piece of equipment
  • Monthly calculations of book depreciation with fixed asset schedules
  • Seamless integration with Payroll, Purchase Order, Inventory, Job Cost, Job Billing and General Ledger
  • Scheduling and Preventative Maintenance Alerts; alerts for parts or components still on warranty
  • Close multiple work orders with one action
  • Calculate mechanics’ labor burden on an exact basis or as percentage of labor

Which product is right for your business?

For Medium to Large-sized Businesses
Vista™ by Viewpoint is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all areas of operations including Accounting/HR, Project Management, Equipment Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile, Estimating, Content Management and Service Management.

For Small to Medium-sized Businesses
As the industry's only all-in-one cloud software solution for estimating, project management, and accounting, ProContractor helps you manage the entire project lifecycle from bid to project completion in a single solution.