Better logistics with integrated software


When a job is going wrong, when do you know? Too often, construction business owners find out too late that something has gone awry. No one wants to tell the boss that they are about to lose money on a job. But for the boss, finding out sooner is undoubtedly better.

Critical information isolated in technological silos prevents efficient problem-solving and planning. Off-the-shelf solutions and spreadsheets make information difficult to retrieve and share. Often, estimating, accounting and project management are handled through different systems. The lack of coordination leads to misunderstandings, frustration and mistakes.

This can lead to bigger problems. Problems that directly lessen the profitability of projects.
Here are a few common logistics issues:

  • Construction companies can omit invoiced items. At the end of a project, there are write-offs for items that were never billed to the client. This money is lost to simple oversight. Those kinds of errors can be eliminated with an integrated software solution.
  • Change orders can delay the process. The ability to see pending change orders and approve them quickly allows project managers to keep up with spending as the job progresses, rather than being surprised further into construction.
  • Labor problems hold up operations. Project managers are required to follow the timeliness and quality of subcontractor work, and they need to convey those findings to the office so adjustments can be made before there is a crisis.

A central repository for information is the obvious answer to each of these concerns.

When everyone is using different systems, it can lead to misunderstandings between those in the office and those in the field. The right software brings the office and the field together for seamless operations and better logistics.

Download the Infographic Top 10 Reasons to use Integrated Software.