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Cloud Computing

Four Themes around Construction in the Cloud

A look at four findings from contractors surveyed on the cloud from the Dodge Data & Analytics report, "Improving Performance with Project Data"

Construction Software

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

We've overhauled Vista to make for a faster, more efficient operating experience.

Viewpoint Technology

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Field Management

Turning Service Technicians into Service Managers

Technology like Spectrum's Service Tech solution is enabling service technicians to be their own managers in the field.

Viewpoint Technology

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Construction News

State of the Construction Industry: October 2019 Roundup

An industry push on infrastructure spending, celebrating diversity, new technologies and continued safety incidents highlight top October stories

Construction Accounting

Season 2 — Episode 5: Finding a Competitive Edge Through Up-Front Cost Segregation Studies

In this episode of A Viewpoint on Construction, we dive into the complex topic of cost segregation with Frank Giudici.


2 Minute Read

Construction Software

Trick or Treat? Preventing 5 Common Construction Horror Stories

Was is your worst fear as a contractor? Here are some top contractor fears and how to prevent them.

Project Management

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Quality Control into Your Construction Process

As contractors face heightened scrutiny around building processes, many are turning to technology to improve quality control measures.

Project Management

Streamlining Construction Submittals

Contractors are modernizing their construction submittal processes through integrated technology.

Construction Management

Construction Licensing: What’s in Your Toolbelt?

Navigating the construction licensing landscape can be a tricky issue for contractors; thankfully there are resources available to guide them.

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