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Construction Accounting

How Construction Forecasting Software Can Benefit Your Company and Power Your Growth

Why contractors are increasingly turning to leading-edge construction management software to harness data and intelligence for future growth.

Construction Conference

2019 Viewpoint Collaborate Live Blog

Viewpoint is live blogging during Collaborate 2019, bringing you the latest highlights from this industry-leading construction conference.


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Project Management

Viewpoint EMEA shortlisted for the Building Innovation Awards and the London Construction Awards 2019

Viewpoint EMEA has been named as a finalist for five construction industry awards.

Viewpoint News

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Construction Management

Selling an Experience

How your construction organization treats its clients and the construction experience it provides can make or break long-term success.

Cloud Computing

What’s Your Company’s Crisis Plan?

When disaster strikes, having the right technology and a solid plan in place can ensure limited business disruption

Construction Software

5 Intriguing Stats on Construction Data and the Jobsite

A brief look at five intriguing stats about construction data collection from the field

Construction Software

State of the Construction Industry: August 2019 Roundup

Contractors turning to technology as the construction industry prepares for possible downturn

Cloud Computing

How Real-Time Job Costing Elevates Construction Management

Real-time access to and processing of job cost data is vital to the health of contractors' projects.

Viewpoint Collaborate Conference

Magic, Microsoft and More Lined Up For Collaborate 2019 Keynote Agenda

This year’s keynote speaker line up for Collaborate 2019.


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