RFIs Now Available on the Viewpoint Team Platform

Team RFIs is the third Project Management feature on the Team platform: Avoid delays, confusion and rework with questions and clarification requests that can be created by subcontractors and suppliers. Get directed to and answered by the right person – even if that’s the owner or their representative – in the quickest possible time without manual entry, double handling, loss of information or ball-in-court confusion.

With Submittals, Documents and RFIs, Viewpoint has delivered the three highest priority business processes for Project Communications that our customers have asked for. We have continuously delivered new features and functionality every month since our first release in December and we are seeing the momentum building in the market and with our customer base. We have begun the transformation and all involved are moving a mountain.

The latest release also adds a document versions feature to Team Documents so that any overwritten document’s previous versions are stored and remain accessible.

What's next?

Stay tuned for June’s release, where our focus will be on some key enhancements that have come in from customers and will help increase adoption and reference.

  • RFI reply through email
  • Enhanced submittal workflow
  • Adding Cc: to a submittal
  • Printing the RFI and Submittal document