Viewpoint Construction Software® announces time-saving Desktop application for Viewpoint For Projects

PORTLAND, OREGON – November 17, 2016 – Viewpoint For Projects, a cloud-based document control solution, now offers a powerful productivity-enhancing application – Viewpoint For Projects Desktop which combines the familiarity of the Windows environment with the power of a cloud-based document control solution allowing teams to access and manage project documents collaboratively anywhere, any time.

Viewpoint For Projects Desktop lets users access project documents and drawings from Windows Explorer – just like a network drive – with workflows, ball-in-court visibility and audit capabilities.

Eliminate Data Silos
With Viewpoint For Projects Desktop, documents begin and end in one secure location. This means no more data silos or double handling and duplication. It does away with creating documents in one location, then uploading to another location to collaborate, resulting in data silos, document double handling and duplication.

Use Your Preferred Editor
As long as the editing program is available on the desktop, users can create new or revise existing documents and drawings in their editor of choice, then save-as directly to Viewpoint For Projects – saving time for document and drawing viewing and editing, while providing the freedom to revise documents in virtually any editing software.

Work Offline
Choose to work offline in an area with limited or no internet connectivity and still have access to all information held in Viewpoint For Projects. Users have access to enterprise or project level documents at anytime, anywhere.

“Viewpoint For Projects Desktop is a game changer for both daily and occasional VFP users. Accessibility to documents and drawing has never been easier, both online and offline, and power users will still have the benefits of Viewpoint For Projects’ powerful rights management, workflows, and audit capabilities.” stated Matthew Harris, Senior Vice President of Product.

About Viewpoint Construction Software
Viewpoint provides innovative construction-specific software solutions to the global construction and capital project industries. Viewpoint provides the tools these industries need to improve project profitability through better visibility, risk management and real-time team collaboration. Viewpoint solutions address the full construction life-cycle from planning/bidding to construction and facilities maintenance. Viewpoint’s solutions are offered on a variety of platforms, including Cloud, Mobile, SaaS and On Premises. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and with offices in the UK and Australia, Viewpoint has become the technology partner of choice, with customers located across the globe in more than 28 countries. These customers include more than 40 percent of the ENR 400, and over 20 percent of the ENR 600. For more information, please visit