Viewpoint For Projects

Collaboratively manage, access and share key project documents throughout your business

Viewpoint For Projects is a document control solution for easily managing, accessing, and sharing large quantities of project documents. Viewpoint provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions with Vista that helps contractors synchronize all areas of their business. That’s why construction businesses around the world find Viewpoint For Projects to be an ideal fit for their project needs. Viewpoint For Projects provides all team members — owner, architect, construction manager, engineers, and subcontractors — a collaborative document control solution for achieving streamlined processes and clear communication. Easily collaborate with your entire project team by leveraging information entered in Vista and then publishing documents directly into Viewpoint For Projects. Automate and better control your processes and gain mobile and BIM capabilities to complete projects faster and more efficiently, while connecting field teams with project information wherever they’re located. The right software for exceeding project profitability, delivery and meeting cost, time, and quality expectations, Viewpoint For Projects is simple and easy to use, quick to deploy, and can deliver tangible returns on your technology investment.

Viewpoint For Projects

“It’s very easy to start new projects. So if you tell me today, 'I have this project starting tomorrow,' I can have it ready for you within five minutes.”

Wanda Peatross, Kinsley Construction

Important Features of Viewpoint For Projects

Built on a Common Data Environment, Viewpoint For Projects includes capabilities for Document Control, Project Communications, Field, BIM, and a powerful level of collaboration and mobility.

Document Control

Easily manage, access, and share large quantities of documents, such as drawings, specification, schedules, contracts, daily logs, and mission critical reports.


Project Communications

Your project teams can avoid missed deadlines using Viewpoint For Projects to more efficiently manage and track projects. It’s easy to assign tasks with overdue reminders and alert notifications.



With mobile capabilities — project teams on job sites can quickly and easily record and capture data, make observations, share and manage documents, raise snags, manage safety walks, and track the progress on projects.



Experience a collaborative work environment for faster project delivery. This browser-based solution enables project teams to easily access, edit, and revise models, providing a complete picture of the project.


Additional Features


Rely on Viewpoint For Projects to improve project controls and information capture for better safety, quality, and defect management. Mobile capabilities allow project teams on job sites to quickly and easily record and capture data, share and manage documents, track the progress on projects, and much more.

Complete Flexibility & Security

This highly configurable and secure solution is designed to make collaborating easier with less administration required. Because it’s web-based, there’s no software to install and no costly or specific IT infrastructure to buy. All business-critical applications can be deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, secure, and risk-reducing manner. Flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure while giving you complete control.

Flexibility & Security benefits include:

  • Quickly download and upload documents with the Explorer add-in
  • Easily streamline and track information with the Outlook add-in
  • Robust search options ensure you’ll find what you need
  • Quickly deliver models, drawings and schedules in a single process using a variety of file formats to make publishing simpler than ever
  • Flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure while giving you complete control
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