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Viewpoint For Project Collaboration

Every major project relies on a complex network of owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors and sub-contractors. In order for success and profitability, organized collaboration between all parties must occur in an integrated manner, ensuring the project meets cost, time and quality expectations. Drawings, documents, emails, and contracts need to be shared quickly among all stake holders, and the most effective way to achieve this level of sharing is with integrated project collaboration software. Viewpoint For Project Collaboration provides an online collaborative solution to help teams increase project control at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Extending your technology platform with new software solutions can sometimes be a complex and frustrating experience. Viewpoint has eliminated that potential headache by delivering Viewpoint For Project Collaboration as Software as a Service (SaaS) - meaning you access and use the software online via the web. There’s no software to install, no costly or specific IT infrastructure to buy – just a low monthly payment. This approach ensures that business-critical applications can be deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, secure and risk-reducing manner.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM Manager is part of Viewpoint For Project Collaboration and is an easy to use browser-based application for BIM collaboration. BIM Manager enables you to integrate your construction data from multiple sources into a common model where you can collaboratively review, annotate and comment on large quantities of documents such as RFIs, submittals, schedules and other project related documents.

BIM Manager:

  • Provides a common data environment to view, share and collaborate around federated IFC Building Information Models and the embedded COBie data.
  • IFC models can be federated, explored and collaborated on the BIM Manager web viewer. The model remains segregated in the container tree so that each object can be traced back to its origin.
  • View and investigate the geometry and properties of IFC models.
  • Extract, edit and export COBie data from IFC models.
  • Facilitate live viewing sessions to collaborate with project stakeholders.
  • Validate against the COBie data template.
  • Pass IFC models through workflows to ensure protocols are followed.
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Document Control

Whether you simply need to manage documents for a specific project or implement a more effective document collaboration solution across your entire business, Viewpoint For Project Collaboration is capable of any level of collaborative document management.

Share, control, and manage large quantities of documents such as RFIs, submittals, schedules, daily logs, job photos, health/safety, meeting minutes and mission critical reports. And, for storing, reviewing and revising documents, you can be assured everyone is looking at the same document - establishing one version of the truth.

Key benefits of Document Control include:

  • Easily distribute drawings or documents and create, track and manage your core PM documents such as RFIs, Submittals, Issues, etc.
  • Effectively manage, track, review and approve change orders to ensure you are always in control of this critical work stream.
  • Easily design and implement workflows where individuals that need to take action are notified when the time is right.
  • View and mark-up drawings, documents and photographs even without access to the software in which they were created.
  • Easily brand and configure eForms and produce custom reports based on the information captured.

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Drawing Management

Drawings are a major component of today’s complex projects and making sure that all stakeholders are viewing the most recent version is essential to any project’s success.  With Drawing Management, a key feature of Viewpoint For Project Collaboration, you'll eliminate the need for manual updates of offline issue sheets or drawing registers and provides project teams control where it’s needed most.

Drawing Management benefits include:

  • Access to the very latest drawing versions and previous drawings as required.
  • Ability to distribute drawing information to the wider team, including full history of receipt logged in the audit trail.
  • Simple ways to create workflows for automation and management of collaborative review or distribution processes.
  • Ability to edit documents and photographs even without access to the software in which they were created.
  • Ways to organize by grouping "as-built" drawings together for use during the asset and facilities management stage.
  • Ability to capture and control drawings that are an important part of any O&M (Operation and Maintenance) file.

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Project teams can relax and have complete confidence that items entering a workflow will follow a predefined sequence where the individuals that need to take action are notified when the time is right.

With workflow you can easily automate and control the review and approval process for drawings, submittals, change orders and other construction documents, avoiding delays and reducing risk on projects. With the drag-and-drop feature, it’s easy to create new or modify existing workflows, assign reviewers by individual or by group and view a timeline of when items are due with needed actions. Workflow is a powerful feature that ensures consistent processes, keeps tasks on schedule and gives you more control with your projects.

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Markups and Redlining

With the Markup and Redline feature, you can easily make changes to documents. The document or portions of the document can be put into the workflow for others to overlay their changes and markups. With this feature you have complete transparency and collaboration with your documents.


eForms enable you to create a series of form templates, utilizing commonly shared sections and controls and use these templates to create completed forms within documents, all without the need to upload pre-existing files from your machine.


Pre-construction enhances project team efficiencies and provides transparency in the project design, build and bidding process.

Key benefits of Pre-construction include:

  • Enables bid teams to work together to create and manage their bid submissions and meet demanding timelines.
  • Easily create tender packages, control inquiries and bid submissions.
  • Capture your supply chain information in one place.

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Personal Work Center

The Personal Work Center is an area specifically for your email inbox, personal calendar, reports and other items that are important to you. Plus, if you work for multiple companies or choose to move to another company that uses Viewpoint For Project Collaboration, your Personal Work Center will follow you wherever you go.

Additionally, the dashboard makes it easy for project teams and individuals to visualize the tasks and activities that require their action.

System Utilities

Our products sit on top of a broad range of collaborative functionality designed to make collaborating easier with less administration required.

Key System Utilities benefits include:

  • Invite contacts already set up in Vista Project Management eliminating duplicate entry and reducing administration.
  • Quickly download and upload documents with the Explorer Add-in - download now!
  • Easily streamline and track information about your project in email with the Outlook Add-in - download now!
  • Robust search options ensure you can find what you need hassle free.
  • Innovative and flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure giving you complete control.
  • Integration with 3rd party systems is made simpler with an API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Quickly deliver models, drawings and schedules in a single process using a variety of file formats to make publishing simpler than ever for Revit users - download now!


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