Resource Management

Real-time Visibility into the Resources Available for Project Success

Managing resources across projects can be a challenge for any contractor. Without insight into smart planning and scheduling of resources, projects can fall way behind schedule quickly.

Construction companies need the ability to have real-time visibility into resources needed, what’s available, where their resources are located and the ability to reschedule those resources accordingly. Ensuring the highest utilization of resources across all projects in order to complete on schedule is key to delivering on time and under budget. That's why a program that provides visibility into early indicators where owned resources are light to allow for rentals, subcontracts or purchases to be secured, is so important

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With Resource Management, you can easily define resource requirements at the project level. Features include:

  • Web Planning Tool – Access a project schedule via the web to streamline the scheduling of labor, equipment and project crews.
  • Resource Locator – Locate labor and equipment resources to identify gaps or overuse in resource assignments.
  • Resource Dispatcher – View all open resource requests for identifying where resources are most needed.
  • Resource View – View all resource availability over time with filters, date ranges, etc.
  • Reporting – Track resource availability, coverage and capacity planning with notifications for field personnel.


Resource Management moves scheduling away from magnet boards and spreadsheets and into a centralized scheduling system. Benefits of Resource Management for smarter project planning include the ability to:

  • Define resource requirements at the project level
  • Classify crews, employees, equipment, materials and resources and track their availability
  • Assign the resources to projects as needed
  • Utilize reporting and dashboard features to measure equipment utilization

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